The Apple Tree


Meet me, love, 'neath the apple tree.
I will have somethin' sweet for thee.
While the rest are a-pickin,
My love, we'll be lickin
All the sweet juicy fruit from the apple tree!
All my love, I give to thee:
Sweet as any apple be.
All the girls will envy me
For my fruit from the apple tree.
When we come from the apple tree,
All will see your love for me.
While the snow is a-blowin,
I'll sure be a-growin
Like the seed of the fruit from the apple tree!
Come the Spring, I will marry thee
Underneath the apple tree.
And the Gods be a-willin'
We'll have lots of chillen
And they'll all find their loves 'neath the apple tree!

Copyright, WindRider, 1996