Bosom of the Sea


Painting, "Lemurian Shaman"
by Diana Stanley
I stand beneath the moon upon the land where I was born
And gaze across the water that has given life to me.
Where moonlit sands and shining waves sing their lullaby,
The open arms of Isis greet the bosom of the sea.
I've walked this land for many years and made a mighty stand.
I've gathered all the memories and gifts She gave to me,
So if I die this moonlit night, before the sun should rise,
Oh, let me go tomorrow to the bosom of the sea.
Among the stars, I'll gaze with love, upon my Mother land
And contemplate the lessons that She tried to teach to me,
So, when my time of rest is through and I have learned the way,
Oh, let me rise again from the bosom of the sea.

Copyright WindRider 1994