Circles and Spirals

This song is designed to be used as a magickal chant. Create your own verses to sing between the choruses. The only rules are that each verse stars with the words “Circles and spirals” (since all life is a series of circles and spirals of growth) and that the lines of each verse rhyme.
Circles and spirals, around we all go.
One day we harvest, the next day we sow.
Life upon lifetimes we build what we know:
Reap from the past what tomorrow will grow.
Circles and spirals, we build in the round
Space where the past and the future be found.
High in the Heavens and deep in the ground,
And to the quarters the circle be bound.
Circles and spirals, we meet and we part,
Giving of friendship and love from the heart.
You reach to touch me and I take your part,
Whether together or rivers apart.

Copyright, WindRider, 1995