Faerie Night

Painting, Fairy Forest
by Diana Stanley

Playing my pipe on that night so clear,
Magickal music without a name,
The birds and the beasts had come out to hear
When through the forest it came:
Come, Ah-le-ao,
Dance with me now 'neath the silent moon.
Sing, Ah-le-ao.
Join in the fairies' sweet tune.
Shaking my head to dispell the rhyme,
I went on playing without a word.
But, when the sweet melody slipped in time,
Once again, softly, I heard:
Leading me on with each note so pure,
I saw a vision of light and dew,
But faerie or fancy I was not sure.
Soon, I was singing it too:
Spinning and weaving the whole night long,
Under the starlight, we danced and sang.
The fauna and faerie all came along
And through the forest it rang:
When I awoke with the dawning near,
I took my pipe and began to play.
I smiled at my dreaming -- then light and clear
I heard it fading away:
I know, my friend, that you do not hear,
Thinking such fantasy cannot be,
So see for yourself when the night is clear.
Come to the forest and see!

Copyright, WindRider, 1994http://www.boondock.com/visionquestshapeimage_1_link_0