Four Winds Lullaby

Painting, "Sanctuary"by Diana Stanley

dedicated to Rowan Sher
Little Earth Child, cease your crying.
Listen to the East Wind blow,
Whisp’ring tales of Spring and sunshine
After Winter's snow.
From the South, the Wind blows warmly,
Bringing birds and butterflies.
In your dreams they'll play with you,
So close your sleepy eyes.
Now the West Wind blows around you,
Autumn leaves of red and gold,
While my loving arms, enflolding,
Keep you from the cold.
Through the window, blows the North Wind,
Bringing crystal, majick snow.
You will grow in awe and wonder
As the Four Winds blow.                                                                              
But for now, be peacefull, loveling,
While I hold you in my keep.
Mother's arms will keep you safely,
So, my dearling, sleep.

Copyright, WindRider, 1996