Through the cold, dark night rings an infant's hungry cry.
His mother cannot feed him anymore.
With a note she leaves him there, hoping somehow, he'll survive,
For her heart can't hear him cry anymore.
Standing on the corner, wehre the highway meets the street,
Is a homeless mother begging for her keep.
She would gladly work for food, if one kindly heart would see,
But tonight her children feast in their sleep.
In a crowded world, that grows smaller every day,
And there's suffering where there never was before,
If the world is to survive, if we want to live with pride,
We cannot close our hearts anymore.
Shoppers with their bags, hurry from the busy mall,
Rushing heartless past the beggar at the door
All unknowing that at dawn they will find his lifeless form.
Why can't people hear their hearts anymore?

Copyright WindRider, 1994