Light the Torch


Walking down the city streets one bitter Winter night,
By a tiny fire, I saw a poor man looking up at me.
I asked, "What is there that I can do to help you on your way?"
In a tired and lonely voice, he said to me,

"Light the torch a little bit brighter, make the world a little bit lighter,
Give the world a little more laughter, on your way. We must keep
Building the world a little bit stronger, keep our faith a little bit longer,
Keep on fighting for a better day."

Pained and disillusioned, I went on about my way.
Trav'ling all around the country, I saw things that frightened me:
Broken forests, barren farmlands, angry people everywhere
And I understood what he had said to me.


Now each time I see a wrong, I try to make it right,
For I know I must return to Her what She has given me.
So when people come and ask of me what I once asked of him,
I just tell them what the poor man said to me:

Chorus (twice)

Copyright, WindRider, 1996