The Elk and Linnaidd Ad

The Tetons by Diana Stanley

The six, they came to the woods they say
On a bright spring morning, sunshine clad.
To the underworld a door sought they
And the last to come was Linnaidd Ad.
They sat them down by a faerie ring,
But Linnaidd said, "no, not for me."
So she found a glen where the wild birds sing,
All unknowing there what she would see.
Minstrel tales all say she's gone
To a world of mist and dreams
But those who will look beyond, may see
The elk and Linnaidd Ad.
She found an oak where she sat her down
For the oak had called her there to be.
When upon the glen rose a green mist round,
All enclosing Linnaidd and the tree.
From out the mist, came the elk who said,
"I have come this day to challenge thee."
When she would not move, the elk then said,
"Sweet Linnaidd, will you follow me?"
The mist arose, left the glen behind
And the five awoke to find her gone.
And they mourned the friend that they could not find;
Though the dark was nigh, they still searched on.
They searched the wood and they searched the glen.
When the moon rose high, their hearts fell sad.
Then they found her cloak by a wild wood fen --
But the five went home without Linnaidd Ad.

Copyright, WindRider, 1995