Ola, to and Fro’

This song is for the Handmaiden to sing as she sweeps the circle. Generally, she will sweep from one to three times around the circle, depending on how much cleansing she senses is needed.
As I sweep around the room,
Dust and dirt be leaving.
Aches and sorrows lying there
Vanish with my tune:
O' la, to and fro',
Love and magick weaving.
O' la, to and fro'
Underneath the moon.
'Round the room I swing my broom,
As I sweep, I'm dreaming,
One day I will be the Queen,
There for all to see.
O' La, to and fro'.
All will soon be gleaming!
O' la, to and fro':
Hear my melody.

Copyright WindRider, 1994