Sighing, sweeping leaves of Autumn, o'er fields the wind does blow.
Soon, in silence all will sleep, soft beneath the snow.
Say, "Goodbye," to days of Summer, save them up for Winter tales
Warmly shared around the hearth, safe from Winter gales.
Spirit, pull my heart asunder; leave your misty world behind.
Rest your hand upon my brow, ease my weary mind.
Through the veil, I feel you tender, still my reach cannot reveal
All that I would say to you, and the love I feel.
Harvest up the feast of Summer, store it safely from the cold.
Gather friends and family home, as in days of old.
Tell to all your tales of Summer, let the sun shine from your eyes.
Share the spirit of your fire, 'till the seedlings rise.

Copyright, WindRider, 1994