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With the popularization of home computers and the Internet, people have suddenly become intimately aware of and friends with people around the world. We have become aware that the burdens of these distant friends, regardless of how far away they may be, are our burdens as well. Each day, we speak with and help people in places and countries we may never visit -- and feel with them a sense of family. With this worldwide awareness, our Mother Earth has suddenly become sentient.

More and more people are showing respect for the Earth, their familial traditions, and for a lifestyle that respects our Mother Earth for what She is: the birthplace of us all and our only home. It is with this sense of respect that this gallery of music and illustrated lyrics is presented, in hopes of heightening this worldwide awareness of each other, of awakening the Common Spirit among us, and of enhancing our Mother's awakening into Her realization as a Living Entity.

Please enjoy this exhibit and share it with others of like mind and spirit. I would like to extend my appreciation to Diana Stanley for allowing me to use her beautiful art.

Songs that celebrate the Earth and the animals and people who live there in all their beauty, lore and love, including those folk that only the very childlike can see.

Songs to celebrate ritual, the Earth's seasons and passages. Songs that recognize those sacred spaces and places, both tangible and intangible, that we build, visit and where we work the magic that helps us grow in our spirituality.

Dulcimer songs and instrumentals; Native American Flute solos.

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